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1920s yellow front door

So, here we are, the end of the first full day working in the house. I’ve been oven cleaning, scraping old underlay from floorboards and mounting an attack on The Smell (more of which in another post). Nick has been teaching himself how to do the electrics, and it is by mere coincidence that I have put a fire blanket up in the kitchen.

We’ve had the keys for a few days now, but today was our first chance to get in there and get moving. All our worldly possessions arrive tomorrow, so before the chaos begins, I wanted to give you a little tour of the house across the street. Enjoy!

Here’s the current floorplan …
1920s house floor plan
As far as plans go, we’re looking to knock down the existing larder/store and put a two storey extension on the back of the house, mirroring the gable at the front.

We’ll add and extra bedroom and put the bathroom upstairs, and if we have space sneak in a small ensuite from the master bedroom too.

Downstairs the sitting room & playroom stay as is, but we’ll end up with a big kitchen diner, and build an extra single storey extension across the back of the house to house a utility room and study.

We’re expecting our first set of drawings back in about 3-4 weeks, then planning, then choosing a builder … then the fun really starts. For now we’re making do, and little by little breathing a bit of life back into this old house.

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